Thursday, January 7, 2010

Travel Essential - Outer Body Experience

Home from Brazil after 10 wonderful days. I wholeheartedly believe that travel is the best education money can buy. With every country I visit, I become more adept at the art of living, and I am incredibly grateful for my travel opportunities.

One thing I refuse to do, while traveling, is to use the cheap (and toxic) grooming products that are provided by hotels. I firmly adhere to the principle of only putting on my skin products that I am willing to eat. So, in an effort to pack light, I brought just one bottle of Simply Divine Botanical's "pink grapefruit" scented all-in-one product called Outer Body Experience. It can be used as shampoo, face wash, and body wash. It's, quite honestly, all you really need in the shower. And, after using it alone for 10 days straight, I can vouch that it's a fantastic product.

1 comment:

  1. Good plan - I'll have to find something similar in the UK.