Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Brazil IV - Restaurants

While there is no shortage of steakhouses in the city of Rio de Janeiro, vegan restaurants are far and few between. Luckily, thanks to Happy Cow, I was able to find one vegan/organic restaurant and even one raw restaurant.

Vegetariano Social Clube - Culinaria Organica is a fantastic vegan restaurant in the exquisite neighborhood of Leblon. Their menu is quite diverse and they have a fantastic selection of sweets. Quite honestly, I have had a salad both times I've dined there. Salads are very hard to come by in Brazil, as is any green vegetable. On this tangent, it's worth mentioning that garlic sprouts, locally called Nira, are one of the most common green vegetables I have seen at all different types of restaurants. Luckily, Vegetariano Social Clube offers more diversity.

(why did I take the picture from this angle?)

Universo Organico is a raw restaurant that is worthy of accolades by any standards. If they had a location in New York I would dine here more frequently than any other raw restaurant we already have here. The flavor combinations are sensational and they use very good quality ingredients. They even have a zucchini lasagna. Universo Organico is just a few doors down from Vegetariano Social Clube, but it's tucked inside the plaza of a theater, so it can be difficult to find.

Go to Rio!!!

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  1. Raw restaurants in Rio must definitely have been a pleasant surprise!