Sunday, January 3, 2010

Brazil III - Caldo de Cana

There are wonderful farmer's markets in Rio. Each neighborhood has its own market on a certain day of the week. Although, it is relatively simple to go to a market in another neighborhood on a different day of the week because everything in Rio is so close. I encourage all tourists to go to a farmer's market on a visit to Rio. It's a completely different experience than going to a market in the States. First of all vendors approach customers far away from their stands and try to lure them over by offering a sample of the freshest and tastiest from their harvest that day. "Try my mango," one will shout, and the next thing you know there's a ripe piece of mango in your hand. Another vendor slips a strawberry into your hand, all in an effort to coax you to their stand. I always appreciate people who value flavor and quality of agriculture over size or cheap cost.

Anyway, we came across a truck that was loaded up with, what looked like, bamboo stalks. It turns out that they are sugar cane sticks.

Vendors take out the sticks and put them through a huge juicer that looks like a cross between a wood chipper and a pasta maker.

The result is a delicious treat of pure sugarcane juice that is mixed with a squeeze of fresh lime. Not nearly as sweet as one would think. But, I had a bout 3 glasses right then and there.


  1. How fabulous! With every entry I want to go to Rio more and more x

  2. You certainly should. It's a wonderful city. Not as cheesy as one might think. It's definitely NOT the Miami Beach of South America. In fact, it's actually somewhat bohemian. The beach culture is brilliant too, which came as a surprise to me. I had imagined it to be offensive like South Beach, but it's wonderfully down to earth.