Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Just returned from a whirlwind trip to London (I was there only 72 hours). I had a great time, but deviated majorly from the raw vegan path of righteousness. Dim Sum and Lebanese food were just too tempting.

I did, however, have one raw meal. On Saturday I met up with the lovely and talented Antony Heaven, of Antony In London (livingrawfooduk.blogspot.com). We ventured north to grab lunch at Dragonfly, a stunning (at least by the looks of their website) raw food restaurant that we learned went out of business when we approached the vacant storefront. It was very disappointing. But, we then headed over to Camden to eat at inSpiral Lounge. It's a vegan cafe with some raw options. It was satifying enough, but just know, should you ever dine there, that you can select THREE side orders and ONE main. Aparently I didn't get this through my American head fast enough, much to the chagrin of the icy sales associate. Still, it's worth the trip if you're in the area.


  1. It was lovely to meet up with you James - next time let's do Saf :-)

  2. It was still easily vegan when we had Lebanese food ;o)
    Sorry to have tempted you so much! But I'm sure we enjoyed it!

  3. it is really hard to stay raw under certain travel conditions. you CAN do it, but it involves a lot of grocery stores. i hope you get back on track, put it behind you and be glad you had a good time!

  4. Yes, Fiona, the Lebanese food was mostly vegan - all except the Haloumi, which I don't regret eating one bit.

    Thanks for the encouragement, Bitt. It felt SO good to make a green smoothie upon returning home.

  5. glad you had a good time ... how lucky you and antony got to meet ... xoxo