Friday, December 4, 2009

Raw Crackers - HELP

I have been making a lot of flax crackers recently in an effort to save $$$$ (see previous post). They're really not too challenging. My only problem is getting them spread out smoothly on the dehydrator pan. The "dough" is just too sticky and resists flattening out like a pancake. Instead, my crackers look like a rocky road.

The only trick that has remotely helped me is to first just get them into the dehydrator, even if they're not smooth yet. Once the tops have dehydrated for an hour or so it becomes easier to use an offset spatula (or clean fingertips) to spread out all the lumps and bumps. I tried this today when making the Pinot Noir Crisps for the Black Trumpet Mushroom Napoleon in Sarma's new book. Yes, I'm going ultra gourmet in my raw kitchen today. Although, I'm frustrated that I can't get the crackers nice and smooth like they do at Pure.

Any help would be appreciated....


  1. hey james, add just a tiny bit more water to the flax seeds so they're a little more loose and gooey, and maybe a tbsp of olive oil, and they should be very easy to spread evenly ...

  2. Thanks Lisa. Olive oil is a great idea. I bet that will prevent them from sticking to my fingers or the offset spatula. The little bit of oil should allow them to release without pulling up and forming a peak.

  3. You are QUITE the gourmet, m'dear! I'm sure your flax crackers are awesome, bumps or no bumps :-)